Ex-CM Kavinder Gupta offers apology over remarks on Yuva Rajput Sabha

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Calling for an end to the controversy over paid Sarore toll plaza agitation remarks about Yuva Rajput Sabha members, Former deputy chief minister and senior BJP leader Kavinder Gupta yesterday apologised to the Yuva Rajput Sabha.

The Yuva Rajput Sabha members and Former deputy chief minister and senior BJP leader Kavinder Gupta met at the latter’s residence and cordially ended the controversy which was started after the CM’s remarks went viral against YRS in a meeting.

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Talking to media, Mr Kavinder Gupta said, “We have come together today and this unity will get more stronger.

“It is true that my video was doctored and somewhere it was manipulatively presented in the public domain.

“I said something in a meeting and it was made viral manipulatively and whosoever will hear what I said is bound to be upset.

“If my remarks hurt sentiments of Dorga community and Rajput community in particular then I feel remorse for it.

“If we could have met earlier and talked then this controversy would not have gone this far.

“We are with YRS on the issues of Jammu and our unity is a message to those people who wanted to see us divided.

“If the YRS members felt bad about my remarks I feel bad for it and those people who wanted to benefit from our misunderstandings will not get any thing now”.

“We have no animosity with anyone. We’re just trying to keep all Dogras united. When something happens in Kashmir all people there come together.

“But this don’t happen in Jammu. People should be careful before making statements and we’re bound to reply.

“We don’t care about anything we’re leading a community and people of Jammu has aspirations with it.

“We’re going to staged protest again in the coming days against the toll plaza and we want Mr Gupta to stand with us there.

“Our motive is not to get apologies from people or to hurt someone. We appeal people of Jammu that to come on the streets on 23 september and celebrate Maharaja’s birthday like never before”, said Mr Rajan Singh Happy, former President of YRS.

“I have been to jail many times in my life and I have never done such a thing which can taint the glory of Dogras.

“We are on same page with everybody on the Sarore toll plaza issue”, said, Mr Kavinder Gupta.