Jammu: Shoot-to-kill orders issued for leopard

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: The District Udhampur  administration yesterday issued an order to shoot to kill the leopard responsible for killing a 4-year-old girl in the region on September 9.

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“The Udhampur district has witnessed incidents where a feline assaulting humans, after which the forest department set up traps and used tranquilizers to catch it, but even after all this measures the leopard escaped and attacked a four year old girl here”.

“The wildlife department issued an order to shoot at sight the leopard keeping all these things in view.

“The police is providing all possible assistance and we also advise locals to inform the forest department if they sight the feline and its marks anywhere.

“These incidents have occurred in the evening and we advise people to be alert if they have pets and children in their homes to avoid any untoward tragedy.

“We have deployed 40 wildlife personnel and have installed 8 cages to trap it.

“After the recent assault it has not been seen because it can also change its territory.

“We can’t use drone spotting method for the feline as the area is heavily covered with bushes and mist”, said DC Udhampur Saloni Rai in an press conference.