After failed burglary, thieves allegedly set shop on fire in Jammu

Aman Zutshi

Failing to loot a vehicle repairing shop in Jammu’s Kathua district, the burglars set it afire, damaging the goods in it on Thursday.

As per report, the incident occurred in a Bike repairing shop namely ‘Lovely Autowork Shop’ in Kathua in the morning when some thieves came there to ransack it, but when the burglars got no success in looting the shop they allegedly set it on fire and turned the goods in it into ash.

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“We have given this shop on rent. When the burglar could not open the locks of the shop he set the shop on fire with a lighter or something else.

“How would this poor man will recover from this financial loss. The worker who came here called his owner and he called me and I came here to take stock of the situation.

“It is very sad that the shop is  near to the road and the owner was running his circle with hard efforts through this shop.

“It’s sad that a burglar came and burnt this shop. Is this a joke or what?. That person might be an drug addict as why will a sane person would burn a shop.

“All the goods and accessories in this shop have turned to dust”, said Owner of the land who rented the shop to the victim.

After the incident the Kathua police arrived at the scene and they launched a probe to ascertain the cause of blaze and who caused it.