Locals protested against garbage dumping in Jammu

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Several local residents of Rehari area of Jammu last night  formed a human chain to protest against open garbage dumping in the neighbourhood.

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Interacting with the media, one of the protestors said, ” We express gratitude to  JMC Commissioner who paid heed to our appeal of stopping  garbage dumping by vehicles here.

“We also express thanks to local and Health Sanitary department who are helping us in this cause.

“People use to dump trash here even before the existence of municipal corporation. We local volunteers have resolved to not let anyone dump garbage here.

“We are making locals conscious not to dump trash here and have been providing numbers of municipal supervisors to them so they can avail  garbage collecting autos.

“There are crores of smart city projects which are running in different parts of Jammu but our ward no.21 in Rehari is being ignored as there are no street lights and other facilities here.

“We have also written a letter to CEO JMC and requested him to install a vertical garden in Rehari as per Jammu smart city projects.

“I have evidence that no money has been allocated and spent for the beautification of Rehari colony and I appeal locals to not throw trash here” told Mr Aastik to media.

“There are heaps of garage and I also dump my trash here as we lack waste management. If the JMC deploys garbage collecting vehicles here even at night it will be helpful.

“The garbage here also causes accident and we have no solution to this”, another protestor said”, a local man said.