Major accident averted in Jammu

Jammu: In a frightening incident, a loaded truck crashed into the railings of Basantar bridge in Samba and breaking the railings reportedly dangled off the bridge, when the operator of the truck slammed the brakes in a bid to save a vehicle from getting hit with him early this morning.

As per the report, the mishap took place when a loaded truck which was going to Jammu from  Kathua crashed at Basantar bridge railings in Samba, when its operator lost control over the vehicle in order to save a vehicle from getting hit, which was going ahead of the truck on the road.

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After the crash, the truck suspended midway on the bridge railings and was pulled back on the road by the help of cranes, which were deployed by the local police after they were informed of the incident.

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No one has suffered  injuries in this mishap, the report said.

A major untoward tragedy has been averted here, the report added.