Student Complains full fare charging, Crowded Matadors in Jammu

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: A student of JK Public school Panjtirthi yesterday alleged that local Matadors which plies in Jammu especially on his school route from Bakshi Nagar-Panjtirthi is mostly  overcrowded and packed that the students find themselves sandwiched between the passengers, which make their commute uncomfortable everyday.


In addition to overcrowded matadors, Abhinav Sharma cited concerns about congestion on the matadors which leaves less space for the students to sit and they reportedly have to sit on the passengers lap sometimes on the diktats of matador conductors to reach their school.

Talking to media, Abhinav Sharma, said,” Sir, I have seen you many times reporting on the pressing issues of Jammu and I request you to report on the issue of public transport”.

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“The local matadors which are plying here are in deplorable condition and they don’t charge student fare and when we ask for concession they quarrel with us, its okay I can pay, but they used to fill dozens passengers beyond matador’s capacity”, he alleged.

“They packed matadors with passengers to the brim causing us inconvenience and when they spot traffic police on the route, they ask us to hide and sit on other passengers lap so that they can avoid fines”, he added.

“Some traffic police personnel sometimes avoid the overcrowded matadors out of friendship with their operators, but they should not”, he remarked.