Govt must stop giving contracts to Aptech to save future of J-K youths: Iltija Mufti

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Hundreds of job aspirants yesterday gathered outside the Ranbir library in Kachi Chawni, Parade of Jammu and took out a candlelight rally in agitation against  the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) for engaging a tainted agency to conduct written exams for various posts in government departments.

Holding candles and shouting anti-regime slogans, the Job seekers marched towards the Lieutenant Governor’s residence in Jammu.

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The anguished agitators holding placards and raised slogans, while seeking a prohibition on Aptech firm. “Ban Aptech, save future”, “We demand justice”, “Go Back Go Back, Aptech Go Back” and “UP wala nahi chalay ga” were the slogans raised by the agitators.


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Later,  National Conference (NC) president Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti and Congress leader Raman Bhalla, joined the protesters.

Late in the evening,  Iltija Mufti, daughter of former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti also joined the protest with her mother and speaking on the sidelines of protest, said:” It’s explicit that corruption has taken place when JKSSB test tender was handed over to Aptech”.

“There are rumors that a son of a union minister and a civil servant is involved in this scandal, who have been bribed and to conceal this case they’re being protected”, she said.

“This is very unfair with our state youth cause recently a surge has been seen in the unemployment of J-K and currently we’re at 40% of unemployment rate”, she added.

“In all this if the govt can’t even conduct exams with transparency then what caliber it does have”, Iltija alleged.

“The govt is only making a show of normalcy and clarity, but the ground reality is neither there is transparency and nor there is accountability here”, she asserted.

“So many things must not supposed to be happen such as removal of A-370, but as there is an adage better late than never it’s very good because of our youngsters all local parties have come together and lashing out at the local regime”, she said.

“On one side the govt is indulged in JKSSB recruitment scandal and on the other they’re  cane-charging on the peaceful protesting youth here. What kind of justice is this”, Iltija alleged.

“The govt claims that they stands with youngsters but from 2019 onwards, why there are frauds occurring in recruitment exams. They only wants to be in power, they are anti-youth, pandits and people”, she further alleged.

“The LG govt is responsible for all this and it should take onus, we don’t know what conflict is going on between LG and BJP, but in all of this our youth is the one who is bearing the brunt”, she remarked.

“Governor is not even a local and the youth is paying the price of miscommunication between the LG regime and  central govt”, she said.

“If the regime has debarred Aptech from taking exams then why they are continuously giving contracts to the firm to take tests. Does this mean that LG govt is involved in scandals”, asked Iltija.

“The High court has agreed that the clauses of JKSSB recruitment tender was changed to favour Aptech, why did that happen and why they’re not exposing corruption happened at the top”, she said.