Family alleges harassment by police in Jammu

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: A frightening incident has come to fore from Kathua’s Nagri village in which a family has alleged that the bordering state Punjab’s Police raided their house like goons/militants in the early hours of the morning and harassed the men and women of the family demanding bribe from them claiming a share from their sand extraction work.

The family has levelled allegations against the Punjab police personnel who came to their  house like thieves and pestered the family members for money. The family considering the Punjab policemen as burglars also thrashed them and took hostage one of them, who was taken away by the J&K police later in the morning when they came for the inquiry of the matter.

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“This is the uniform of the Punjab they came to our home in the early hours of the morning.

“They came to our home and demanded “Hafta” (Protection Money) from us as we had four tractors for sand extraction business.

“They also threatened us that we will take the woman of our family as hostages.

“We have been trying to contact Kathua police but they didn’t came instead Nagri Police team came and took away the Punjab policeman which we caught.

“They were three Punjab policemen and were carrying weapons. They also hit me and injured my finger.

“They have tore apart our woman’s clothes. They have made our life miserable”, said the victim man.

“The Punjab police came to our house at 3am in the morning and we thought they’re burglars and confronted them with batons.

“Then at 6am around 60 police personnel came to our home. The J&K police came and took them away”, said an elderly woman of the victim family.

“We don’t know whether the men were from Punjab police or they were militants but they knocked our doors at 3am in the morning and they forcefully pushed me and strewn our house goods.

“Since the day the J&K’s special status was removed these people have made our life miserable and the LG should answer us that for these activities they abrogated the Article-370.

“Only women were in our residence and the men were outside. They came and misbehaved with our women members and said we are goons and we can’t do anything against them”, alleged the victim man whose house was raided by the Punjab police.