Shankaracharya arriving Jammu on this date: Bhalla, Sahu

There is a good news for the Hindu Sanatanis of Jammu. ‘Paramaradhya’ Paramdharmadhish Uttaramnaya Jyotishpeeth-adhishwar Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Shri 1008 Avimukteshwarananda Saraswati ‘Maharaj is scheduled to reach Jammu on a three-day visit here.

Enthusiasm has spread among the Sanatanis as soon as they got information about this.
This was disclosed by media in-charge Ashok Sahu and Ram and former minister Raman Bhalla in a joint press conference in Trikuta Nagar here today.

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Addressing media persons, they said that Pujyapad Shankaracharyaji Maharaj is continuously making serious endeavours in different parts of country for the restoration of Sanatan Dharma. Shankaracharya is already running Ramsetu Raksha Abhiyan, Aviral Nirmal Ganga Abhiyan, established 108 feet religion flag in Chhattisgarh and played an important role in the historic court decision of handing over Ramjanmabhoomi to Hindus by giving his testimony etc as an expert witness in the Ramjanmabhoomi issue.

Sahu said that Jyotishpeethadhishwar Jagadguru Shankaracharya currently has been participating in religious programs organized in different districts of Rajasthan. He will reach Jammu and Kashmir by air via Indore on a regular flight from Jaipur on Monday, June 05 and will give divine darshan to the Sanatanis of Jammu. As soon as the news is received, preparations have been started to welcome Shankaracharya.

Pujyapad Shankaracharya Ji Maharaj will participate in the Abhinandan program on June 5 from 3 pm to 6 pm, where he will give divine darshan and blessings. Shankaracharya Maharaj will also visit Mata Vaishno Devi, they added.

JKPCC working president Raman Bhalla said that that ever since the news of Shankaracharya’s arrival in Jammu has been received, he wrote a letter to Pujyagurudev Jyotishpeethadhishwar Shanka-racharya Swamishree Avimu-kteshwaranand Saraswati Ji Maharaj requesting him to come and stay at his residence, which Pujyagurudev Shankaracharya gladly accepted. With the blessings of my family deities and ancestors, it is a matter of great fortune for all of us. Shankaracharya Ji is coming to my residence, whose darshan and blessings will be benefited by all of us in Jammu, Bhalla added.