Viral: Lord Shiva seen doing ‘Tandav’


A video is spreading like inferno on social media, in which Lord Shiva  can be seen performing Tandav atop far on hills covered with snow.

As the camera of the person zooms in, who records the video, one can see Lord Shiva like figure dancing on the hills.

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The video is real or not it can’t be said, but a figure Lord Shiva doing Tandav can be seen in the viral video, the report said.

                          Watch Report by Ashish Kohli


Shiva, the Bholenath is the Bhairava. He is the saviour and the destroyer. And hence, he is comprehensible yet beyond one’s grasp. He is compassionate, yet the one with the third ‘destructive’ eye. And above all, he is the God of the Gods. Shiva is everything that describes the exact opposites. As Nataraja, the Lord of Dance, Shiva comes across as the fiercest yet the most joyful. The Tandava, a hugely popular dance form, is believed to have been performed by Shiva. And most of believe that it represents the most aggressive form of dance.

But there are two different forms of Tandava – the Rudra Tandava and the Ananda Tandava.

Rudra Tandava – Shiva, the God of constructive destruction, transforms into his most vicious form while performing this Tandava. The Rudra Tandava often symbolises the destruction of the cosmos. It also signifies the release of the suppressed anger that germinates within. Most people usually take ‘destruction’ in the literal sense, but it has a more profound meaning. Shiva, the destroyer, annihilates the evil that seeks refuge within you, to make you worthy of attaining salvation, and relieve you from the cycle of birth and death. And the destruction caused by Shiva is constructive because it paves the way for the arrival of the new in the physical world. The world that we live in is bound by time and space, and we are subject to the cause and the natural effect.

Ananda Tandava is the dance of bliss where the intrinsic nature of Shiva emerges as Shivam where he is in his purest form – Satchidananda. A cause and its effect do not bind this experience of pleasure. This feeling of ecstasy germinates deep within and is untouched by the mundane world. The Ananda Tandava by Shiva denotes the purest aspect of his being.

The Rudra and the Ananda Tandava reflect the two distinct but diverse nature of the Lord that we worship as Shiva.