Jammu Officer goes missing, Family asks for Help

Jammu: A CRPF constable from Jammu has gone missing since last month, who was posted in Chhattisgarh. The officer’s family comprising of his wife and two kids are looking for him, CRPF constable Sandeep Kumar was coming to Jammu recently after taking four days of leave from his duty, but he didn’t came to Jammu yet.

Speaking to the media, the CRPF constable’s Wife, Mrs Asha Rani said:” In March my spouse came to Jammu and after completing his leave of 27days, he went back to his duty on April 4″.

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“We were in touch with him till 12-13 April then the next day we got his text, after that we got no response from him and his phone went switched off for 2-3 days”, she alleged.

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“When I didn’t got any message from him for 2-3 days I live in GC Bantalab, I went to CRPF’s control room and told them that I’m not able to contact my husband”, she added

“They apprised me that they we will Chhattisgarh and when they called their, the Chhattisgarh unit said that he is on leave of four 4 days”, she apprised.

“But he has not reached to us in Jammu after that I called his battalion. I met with CO and  DIG sir they recorded my statements”, she remarked.

“They told me that they are going to probe this matter they are investigating it, but I plea to 217 Battalion of CRPF to find my husband as I’m alone with my kids”, she appealed emotionally.

“I don’t know where to go. I have never went to my in-laws in my 14 years of marriage, I just want that they find my husband as soon as possible”, she said weeping.

“I just want him to come home and tell me what he is thinking and CRPF battalion should find him soon”, she pleaded.

“We just want my father to come to us immediately”, Mr Sandeep’s Daughter said.