‘The Kerala Story’ star from J&K opens up on getting death threats  specially on JK Media

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Kashmiri Pandit girl  Eleena Koul who has played the role of ‘Husna’ in the film “The Kerala Story” has shared her pre and post working film experiences in a special interview with JK Media’s dynamic and unrelenting senior journalist Mr Ashish Kohli.


In a special interview with JK Media’s Senior Journalist Mr Ashish Kohli, Eleena, said:” Actually I shot for this film in October, it’s been 6-7 months”.

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“I’m quite glad about the movie cause my first became so huge, I knew it will be good”, The Kerala story actor said.

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“I didn’t knew that the film will be that good it’s like a miracle. I’m a Kashmiri Pandit and during the insurgency in 1990’s my parents migrated to Jammu”, Eleena said.

“They were of my age when they came to Jammu, I’m a KP but I was born in Jammu”, she said.

“I have studied in DPS then in 2017 I went to Delhi and did graduation in journalism, I’m still a student as now I’m pursuing masters in journalism from IGNOU”, she added.

“I’m a trained actor after completing my acting course, I began giving auditions”, Koul commented.

“My first film was “Idli Amma” its a story about a woman who  even after three decades of selling the delicacy has not changed its price, it’s running in film festivals now”, she expressed.

“My agent got the offer of this film that time I didn’t even heard of the project, they told me if I like the character’s description then I can come for the auditions”, she shared.

“I liked the character because it was a very sad one, I got connected with it instantly”,  she asserted.

“I went for the auditions then after two months I got call that I’m have been finalised for the role & they apprised me to come to this location”, she said happily.

“I got more film offers after appearing in this movie, when one do serious act, which have some artistic merit then it disinterests to take roles in low quality subject matter cinema”, she claimed.

“I have some films in the pipeline which have similar roles but the genre is different”, she responded gleefully.

“Sudipto Sen made this film after doing search on the subject for several years, it’s not against any religion, if it’s in opposition to something that is only terrorism”, the Idli Amma actor said.

“It’s only anti to those elements in society who gives allusion of a particular religion for their ends and to commit crimes”, she asserted.

“I haven’t done the film if it’s really anti-religion as I’m not the person who wants to spread hate and maliciousness to the society”,

“I’m getting hateful comments and death threats from the people who didn’t even watched it”, she accused.

“These people randomly come and talk rubbish on social media, I want these people to first watch this movie and if you find something objectionable then react to it”, she alleged.

“The people are getting trigger by hearsays about the film they should first watch themselves and after that they should form opinions”,  she advised.

“My mother apprised me that the theaters are appearing house full after its screening in Jammu and in Delhi also where I went with my friends”, she apprised.

“My parents got seats in different rows in theatre when they went to watch my film as it was fully packed”, she remarked.