Jammu siblings excel in CBSE exam, made region proud

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Twin siblings hailing from Jammu have brought utmost happiness for the district by excelling in the CBSE class 10 and 12 results, which were announced recently.

Saumya Kapoor has bagged a position and topping the marks in the whole J-K as claimed by her school has attained a  position in the CBSE exams by scoring  (98.5%), while her brother Ojas Kapoor also came up with an impressive performance scoring  (96%) in the exam.

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“I’m so delighted as I haven’t accepted such results the labour I have done whole year paid me”, an elated Saumya told media.

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“My teachers Sonia, Radhika, Pooja mam all encouraged me saying that I can excel and should continue hard work, everyone’s labour on me has become successful” she said.

“My teachers were very supportive as I have called them even late night and they said ask your queries, I’m happy that I made them proud”, she added.

“Everyone is happy my family and parents, we were stunned and were in our tutition center when the results declared”, Saumya’s Brother Ojas said.

“I first checked my result then I checked my sister’s and I was startled to see that she got 98.5% cause she has done hard work, it is obvious she will get such marks” he remarked.

“I’m so glad”, he said.

“We used to solve our doubts by consulting each other, we have maintained a healthy competition in our house like that, I was like I have to score more marks than him”, Soumya said laughing.

“There is no limit of our happiness both of them worked very hard and they got fruits, it was expected”, Children’s father Mr Pawan Kapoor said.

“But the cherry on the cake was that they topped in the UT they were persistent in their studies and faced no short-comings, that’s what paid them off”, he added.

“I congratulate them I wish they carry this league in future also. They have planned to pursue courses in IIM, Ojas has decided to pursue Honors in Economics in Delhi university and Saumya in B.COM”, he remarked.

“I’m in bliss since yesterday as we’re being congratulated for our kids success, we’re all happy and want them in bliss forever. During our times, if someone might had gotten 36% we expressed happiness that our child has passed”, he said.

“I’m so happy as in the morning when I used to get up, I used to pray that Guruji you not only have to pass my kids, but also have to make them toppers”, their Grandmother said.

“When their father topped we were glad, now our happiness knows no limits”, she added.

“Mothers receive less attention we have provided all the facilities to our kids whatever they needed, rest is their labour”, Saumya’s & Ojas mother said.

“Their teacher helped them I express my thanks to them and Kaushal Arora sir (85) who has taught us, also taught them and principal sir is also supportive”, she added.