Inspirational: Jammu Girl Shines in CBSE Exam

Aman Zutshi

Jammu:  A 10th class girl student has  brought delights to the Jammu region  by securing a position in the class 10 examination results that were announced by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) yesterday.

Divya Charak, a student  from a private school in Jammu and also a native has secured 97 percent in her class 10 CBSE exams and has made the whole Jammu proud by her success.

Divya’s father works as a worker in a spare parts shop in Narwal and his daughter has made him proud by attaining success in CBSE exams.

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Talking to the media, Divya, said, “I got 97 percent in my 10th board exams, I got overwhelmed when I saw the results”.

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“I was expecting to secure marks above 90%, it’s good as there is always someone  behind someone’s success”,  an elated Divya told media

“My parents stood like a rock with me they always encouraged me to study, I kind of made them proud”, she asserted.

“I repaid them what they did for me I hope they’re also proud of me. During my exams when I used to get up to study, my mother also used to rise up with me”, she shared.

“She only used to go to bed when I used to, my journey is not possible with my father but he got lesser attention”, she added.

“I like my parents and  I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to be fully determine to achieve my aim”, Divya remarked.

“I just want to say to all the students that they should never give up, never bother about the result, care what you have learnt and do hard work”, she emphasised.

“I’m so glad but the big thing is that I told her to take tuitions, but she refused and did self-study. I never apprised her to study, she did it all by herself”, Divya’s father said.

“I told her to  change her subjects but she said she will study, I told her do as you like. She is  assiduous that’s why I felt no need to tell her anything”, he added.

“During the pandemic we faced many predicaments but I was working hard and still I’m labouring, but she never demanded anything like kids usually do”. he claimed.

“I’m so happy she added stars to our name she is so keen towards studying as even late night she continue her studies”, Mrs Isha Charak her mother said smiling.

“We have to do hard work in everything  but it depends how one does labour smartly. I don’t believe in cramming”, Divya advised.

“One should study general knowledge and we should clear our concepts and try to comprehend things, should ask our queries several times as long as we don’t get things”, she advised further.

“I never attended titutions but those who want to go they should, we should do self-study as it will help us getting the concepts taught by our teachers”, she claimed.

“We spent 7-8 hours in schools and also continue our studies after that,  but I’m of the opinion that we should also take breaks while studying to refresh our minds, cause it will aid us to increase our comprehension”, she said.

“This is the way we should study. I don’t think I can ever repay what they’re doing for me as he leaves in the morning and return at dusk”, she said sobbing.

“They are doing so much for me but think I have made them proud and I will make them more proud by becoming a doctor”, she said

In the class 10 CBSE exam results that were declared yesterday, girls outperformed boys by 1.14 per cent. While the boys secured an overall pass percentage of 93.80 per cent, the girls outshined them with 95.21 per cent.