Man alleges harassment by traffic police over new law in Jammu


Jammu: A delivery boy in Jammu on Tuesday has alleged that he is harassed and fined by a traffic police official over a new traffic law in Jammu, which he is not aware of.

However, the matter came to fore when a traffic official challaned a local zomato delivery over not having a commercial plate on his vehicle and plying, delivering his services with a private number plate.

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Talking to media, the Victim Zomato delivery boy, allegedly said,” I parked my bike here and went to restaurant to take the order, mam came and fined me”.

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“As I was leaving she asked me to show driving licence and told me why I have parked my bike here”., he alleged.

“She said this is violation as my bike don’t have yellow plate strip”, he added.

“No one has told me to put yellow strip not even my employer”, he asserted.

“Since J-K became UT they are introducing new laws here, in whole India motor-bike system is in implementation have they yellow strip, how come this bike can have”, a local man said,

“I’m not able to understand on what basis I have been fined. Several boys have been working here since a decade nobody has troubled them ever”, he said.

“I have been working here since six months this is the first time something like this has happened with me”, he lamented.

“This road has a wide stretch vehicles are plying here, they came and fine. The residency road is the vip area of Jammu it has yellow line parking system along with Gandhi Nagar and many parts of Jammu”, another local man said.

“We’re not opposing this yellow line, we want it here so that 400 commercial shops here won’t face pestering”, he claimed.