Thieves stole gold, lakh rupees from house in Jammu

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Gold jewellery worth lakhs of rupees and Rs 3 lakh cash were found stolen from a house in Subash Nagar area of Jammu yesterday. The house owners went to attend a function and returned to find their house ransacked.

As per report, the theft happened when the occupants of the house were outside, when some burglars barged into their house and forced open their almirah with a screw driver  and burgled 20 tolas gold worth lakhs and 3 lakh rupees cash.

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“We had a function at our in-laws house thus me and my wife left for it at 8:30am, our son left at 10:30am”, said, Sushil Kumar Ganjoo, whose house is looted.

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“When my son came back the lights were on and the door was open then he called us and we rushed here”, he added.

“We went to attend a function in Roop Nagar. We both left the house together for the function, our son left at 10:30am”, Mr Ganjoo’s Wife said.

“I don’t know when the robbery took place, my son returned at 7:30pm and called his father that nothing is left as all have been ransacked”, she added.

“30 tolas gold and 3 lakh cash that we accumulated for our kids have been stolen, they have left silver goods and have only stole gold”, she lamented.

“We never thought we will be burgled that’s why we rarely go outside our house, now how to leave house alone in such circumstances”, she said.