Places of worship turn soft targets, another theft reported in Jammu

Jammu:  It seems even the gods are not safe in Jammu these days because places of worship have become soft targets for the burglars here. Lord Shiva temple in Digiana of Jammu is the latest target of a theft that occurred late midnight yesterday.

As per the report, the theft happened when a burglar in the dead of the night broke the locks of the temple and forced open the offering box and stole Rs 85,000 from it.

The theft has been captured on the CCTV cameras installed near the temple.

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“The burglary happened around 1:30am in the night, when a thief came on a bike and breaking the temple’s padlocks he broke the donation box and filled his two bags with the money and escaped”, said, a local man.

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“This temple is on the roadside here and just 100meters there is a police station, earlier the thieves stole garland of notes which were on the god’s statue”, he added.

“This was temple’s money which the devotees use to give as offering, the stolen cash was around Rupees 80,000-85,000”, he alleged.

“People used to say god will save us but the reality is even god is not secure, the burglars decamped with collection box”, another local resident said.

“The police station is just few meters away and the culprit must be arrested by the police. The police came and has taken the CCTV footage with them to study it”, he added.