Proud Moment: Meet Jammu’s daughter who got job in AIIMS Jammu

       Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Coming as a proud moment for the locals in Jammu, a daughter of the soil namely Sapna who is from Billawar in Jammu has brought delights after qualifying the prestigious Nursing Officers Recruitment common eligibility test (NORCET), which has made her recruitment possible as first Nursing officer in AIIMS in Jammu.

Talking to the media, Sapna, said: “I have studied till 10th in a local school in  Kishenpur and then I went to Billawar Public School for my 11-12th”.

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“Then I dropped  a year to study for NEET exam, but I couldn’t qualified it, later I again thought to appear for the same but I had my fears, what if I couldn’t crack it again”, said Sapna.

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“Lastly, I thought that if I really aspire for health sector, I can go for nursing. I was aware of Bsc. nursing and that time this profession had a bad reputation, but today this sector is in high demand”, added Sapna.

“Under the PMSSS scheme through AICTE I got a seat in Lady Hardinge Medical College in Delhi on the basis of 12th class marks, I got admitted there after two days of counselling”, she further said.

“It is one of the top-10 MBBS college in ranking. From 2017-21 I studied in the college and then in 2021 I graduated”, she remarked.

“I also appeared in 2021 for the Norcet exam, but I was not prepared for it, I was already a registered nurse, but what about the job”, she asserted.

“I decided that I really wanted a job in AIIMS somehow to make my carrier a surefire cause during covid nursing witnessed a boom and I’m proud of myself that I got selected in AIIMS”, Sapna said.

“In 2022, I sat for norcet  exam and when I saw that my rank is 10,300 among lakh student for which I only dedicated few months, it jolted me and I started taking it seriously”, she further said.

“I was studying for the Norcet then one day as I was surfing the net I came across Jammu Nursing Coaching Institute online class videos as I was tired of going outside Jammu and travelling and on-line coaching, I thought of giving Jammu Nursing Coaching Institute a chance”, said Sapna.

“The JNCI management team told me to take their demo classes for 2 days, which impressed me, the teachers cooperated with me”, she added.

“On 11th sept I sat for norcet and I qualified it with flying colors. My family is my mitochondria when I told them I want to drop a year for NEET exam, they nodded yes”, she asserted.

“My father supported and also dropped me in Delhi and when I came to Jammu my family asked me what I want to do, I told them I wanted to prepare for Norcet. They encouraged me to join a coaching center as its milieu will bind my concentration”, she said.

“I joined Jammu Nursing Coaching Institute (JNCI) so that the class milieu keeps me motivated for my objective and it worked for me and I qualified the exam”, Sapna added.

“The year 2022 proved very fortunate for us as my brother cleared MBBS, he fulfilled my dream, I have less remorse now”, Sapna told media.

Responding to a query on how to prepare for exams, Sapna, said: “If the students in Jammu want to become nursing officer then they really should join JNCI and even for JKSSB I recommend the same institute. A self motivated person can attain any goal”.

“For four years I worked as a nurse and everyday I used to practice for the same in my college in Delhi. On my first day of the college I saw a casualty and then I saw a patient coming out stable from the ICU, which raised my hope that yes in this profession we can make people better and healthy with care”, she said

“I love to dance, act and I have won several competitions”, Sapna added.