Motivational: Meet Jammu’s Specially-abled talented man, who wants to be an overachiever

Aman Zutshi

Jammu: Meet the amazing Yogeshwar Singh who hails from Pindi Camp of Arnia area in Jammu, being a physically abled person he has not let any hurdle stop him. He continues to march ahead, inspiring locals in Jammu.

A simple, eloquent, intelligent Yogeshwar Singh is a force to reckon with. He is a budding poet who loves to write and inspire people with his poetry, he is also a actor who has acted in two music videos.

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“My body is my identity and my life and I want to sacrifice my life in the service of my parents. I recited this poem in National poetry championship and audience showered lot of love after hearing it”, said Mr Yogeshwar Singh.

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“I’m from Pindi camp basically it is situated near the border and due to health complications I’m currently living in Bishnah as it is challenging for me to travel all the way to here”, Mr Yogeshwar Singh added.

”He is Narender my childhood friend and from 11-12yrs he is with me. Our dreams are alike, we did many things together like business”, he remarked.

“I have minimum role in Yogeshwar’s achievements because it his iron will and talent which aided him in attaining his motives”, Mr Yogeshwar’s friend Narender said.

“We’re friends since infancy and he can’t even walk and neither we had a cycle in our babyhood and with God’s blessings we have everything now”, he added.

“We also have to feed him all by ourselves”, he said.

“Life is in itself a struggle and many ups and downs one faces in their journey. I have seen people talking behind my back and so many came to cheer and support me”, said Mr Yogeshwar Singh.

“I have learned so much and this is my destiny now”, he asserted.

“Its such a big a thing that a person who is 85% physically challenged wanted to attain something huge in life and why can’t we”, Narendar said.

“My aim was to become an actor and not a poet. In 2020 I began penning verses and in 2022 I started doing stage shows”, Mr Yogeshwar said excitedly.

“I have also performed in two music videos and some of my projects are in the pipeline”, he said.

“On Jan 2022 I got an opportunity to perform in an open mic event organised by ‘Udaan’ in Jammu. I feel so glad when people praise me”, he said.

“Hume zarurat nhi daya ki, tum itihaas parne ki baat karte ho,
Hum itihaas rachne ka hunar rakhte hain”, Yogeshwar recited.