Woman goes to shop, Burglars loot house in Jammu

Jammu: Burglars broke into the house situated near Press Morh in Bahu fort area of Jammu on Friday, when the occupants were away and decamped with gold ornaments worth of lakh.

As per report, the burglary happened when the owner of the house went to buy momos and rest of her family members left for other places, then some thieves came in their house and ransacked the gold ornaments which were kept in the almirah and disappeared.

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“My daughter went out of the house to buy something and she didn’t even informed me, the kids were in school and some people came and looted our house”, Mrs Sandhya one of  house owner said.


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“This is my bhabhi’s house and she went to a shop just for half an hour and when we came back, we saw the house ransacked”, another woman occupant of the house said.

“There were two gold sets, rings, bracelets and piggy bank from which they took away Rs 5,000 cash and left the coins here”, she added.

“I was in bank and when I returned I saw our locks broken and robbed, we used to go to school and our mother use to stay here”, said Nitish, son of the woman whose house is robbed by thieves.