Exposed! Private clinic scam in Jammu

     Aman Zutshi

Jammu: In an astonishing incident, a man has alleged that he was checked by a man in a private clinic in Jammu, who was posing as a doctor in the absence of the genuine one, who is in abroad.

As per the report, a man went to a private clinic in Jammu for a medical checkup and on reaching there he was allegedly attended by a doctor’s apprentice in his absence, who faked as the doctor.

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Narrating his ordeal, Bobby Mehra, the victim, said, “I was feeling pain on my shoulders and back, someone advised me to visit Dr Salaria as he is good”.

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“I went to the clinic and after paying the fees I got the receipt, after which the doctor checked me and prescribed some medicines”, he added.

“I didn’t buy the medicines which he prescribed me, later someone told me Dr Salaria is in Saudi Arab and not here, it baffled me”, Mehra said.

“Hearing Dr Salaria’s name I came here, but someone else in his absence is diagnosing the patients, who will be responsible if something happens to me”, he asserted.

“My statement in the police complaint has been changed by the police because they have written that the doctor is working in GMC and was absent from his duty, but this is not the case cause he is out of the country”, he alleged.

“The mistake is committed by the police and I have given them another application to change my statement, they should accept their error”, Mehra said.

“I have talked to SHO sir he assured me that my statements will be documented as I narrated them”, he further said.

“The doctor was also present at the police station and he was asking me to compromise and take Rs 500 , but I don’t know whether he is a doctor or not”, he added.

“The SHO sir has told me that they will discover the identity of the person who conducted my medical check-up at the clinic”, Mehra remarked.

“Police has said that the doctor’s prescription which I gave them as evidence is missing, but I told them that they have lost it and not me”, he said.

“The court proceeding is still going on”, he further said.