There is Pro-BJP wave across the state: Chugh


Ahead of the elections buzz in Meghalaya the BJP National General Secretary Arun Chugh accompanied with Central former Minister Oram Jual & BJP secretary and its northeast co-in-charge Rituraj Sinha today reached the state (Meghalaya) to begin their intense campaign for the party (BJP).

Addressing the gathering at Meghalaya, Mr Chugh, said, “There is a wave of PM Modi which is going on here and for the first time our party is going to contest elections on all the assembly seats here in this state”.

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“Where there is great enthusiasm among our party workers, the voters of Meghalaya are no less they are also under the spell of ‘M-Power’ ( Modi power)”, Mr Chugh said.

“For the first time in post-independence India, a govt (BJP) has become that much serious to develop north-eastern states”, Chugh asserted.

“Honorable PM Modi not only visited north-eastern states several times, but he also took many steps to flourish them”, he said.

“Even after decades of our freedom the north-east was showed no interest by former govts, it was kept away from progress, which increased its inclination towards progress much more”,  Chugh alleged.

“PM Modi paid scores of visits here, after which north-eastern people began to participate in the mainstream”, he added.

“In 2001, the BJP for the first time formed the govt at the centre headed by Bharat Ratna awardee Atal Bihari Vajpayee and giving special prominence to the region ‘Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region’ was formed in the same year”, Chugh asserted.

“Earlier, the north-east was prominently known for choas, but now under the leadership of PM Modi it is now popular for its progress”, he said.

“Now north-east is all about development and our PM has opened pandora box of progression for the region”, Chugh remarked.

“The people of North-east now very well understands the vision of our PM and in the coming elections they will show their support to our party with full strength”, he said.