Good News: Now you can also get Loan for ‘Marriage’

Wedding season is going on. Everyone wants his marriage to be very memorable. There are people who do their weddings with great pomp. Crores of rupees are spent every year in weddings in India.

There are many families who can easily manage the wedding budget, while there are some people who are unable to manage the wedding expenses and take loans.

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However, let us tell you that if you are arranging money for marriage, then the bank can also help you.

Actually, loans are provided to the people by the banks. Even if you need a loan for marriage, you can apply for a wedding loan from the bank.

Many types of loans are given in the banks. One of them includes Personal loan. Wedding loan is also included in this category.

If you want to apply for Personal Loan/Wedding Loan in any bank then some documents may be required. Many banks also provide the facility of pre-approved loans, in which loans can be availed even without documents. But if you do not have a pre-approved loan scheme, then the loan can be taken by contacting the bank directly.

One has to submit these documents to apply for the loan application otherwise it can also be rejected. If you want to get a personal loan / wedding loan from the bank, then you will have to submit your identity card (passport, voter ID, driving license, Aadhaar card etc.).

Along with these documents the  bank statement of the last three months, salary slip of the last 2-3 months, Form-16 etc. have to be given to apply for the loan.

Only after this your loan application will be processed further and you will be informed whether it is approved or rejected by the bank.