Jammu, 17 August: Yuva Rajput Sabha (YRS) called a press conference on Wednesday in support of the child who got suspended by the Kendriya Vidyalaya school administration on the pretext that the kid is creating a  mischief in the school and  broke the school bathroom’s water pipeline with help of another classmate.

However, the kid and his mother has denied the claims and in turn alleged that the principal and the school administration has shown harsh conduct towards them and also pester them.

Speaking during the press conference Mr Rajan Singh Happy, President (YRS) said that they called this press conference to bring justice to this child namely Karanveer Singh studying in KV, Bantalab from the last 10 yrs and got expelled yesterday by the Principal on the pretext of damaging the water pipe of the school but the truth is some other student of his class has done this mischief and the Principal suspended him only despite knowing of the culprit in this incident.

The child’s mother alleged that she went to meet the Principal who behaved rudely with her, pestered her and also threatened her of murder and even attacked her modesty by saying she will be sent outside undressed if she didn’t leave his office.

Continuing she said that the school teachers were also involved in this and they stopped her from meeting the Principal.

Karanveer Singh said that he did not damage the bathroom pipe and even his classmates has confirmed the same to their Principal but the principal did not pay any heed rather punished them and suspended him and later the school handed over Transfer certificate (TC) to his mother.

He further said that he is on medication and suffering from stress due to continuous pester of the principal and the school teachers ,while the principal has given him  death threat.

At the culmination of the conference , Mr Happy appealed the local police officials to take cognizance of this matter so that this kid’s future can be saved, or otherwise Yuva Rajput Sabha (YRS) will take law in their hands and then the administration will be responsible for the actions.

Aman Zutshi