Jammu, 17 November: A youth on Thursday has alleged that he  was stopped and beaten by traffic police at Dogra chowk in Jammu,  when he was going to hospital in his vehicle.

The man allegedly said that the traffic policemen simply could have fine him, but they slapped him on face.

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“I am an orphan and I have four sisters which are yet to wed. The traffic police is saying that I am high on alcohol, but being a muslim how can I drink liquor, they slapped me many times and my face has swelled. I was not wearing uniform, they should only challan me for traffic violation”, he said.

A traffic police officer while denying the allegations told the media that the youth has violated traffic rules that was why he was fined by the traffic police.

“The traffic was halted at Dogra chowk cause Governor’s cavalcade of vehicles was passing. We stopped all the vehicles but this man broke the signal by violating traffic rules and my constables were trying to stop him. When they stopped his vehicle he began abusing them he was under the influence of alcohol, which provoked them and they slapped him on face”, he added.

The victim said that he didn’t misbehaved with the traffic police and he broke signal cause he was in hurry to reach the hospital.

“I am ready for my medical examination and I want police action against those who slapped me”, he said.

Another police officer said that the man was hurling abuses at the traffic police which instigated them.

“We only stop people if they resist us or if they violate traffic rules, we don’t disturb anyone without any reason”, he added.

Aman Zutshi