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Your Ultimate Rulebook for putting an Outfit Together

Who doesn’t like playing with outfits right? But sometimes it can be a real headache to put different pieces together and make an outfit. Also, putting outfits together can be time consuming and sometimes costly too, but if done right, it can be the secret to your confidence. So, here are few tips to get you ready within 10 minutes.

The basic Formula

The formula for creating an outfit is very simple. Take a basic piece. A basic or staple piece is that which can be worn with almost anything and are found in every girl’s closet (if you don’t have one of each, get one immediately.) Staple pieces include: White tee, Little black dress, Dark wash jeans, Button-up shirt and so on. Now add an item of interest that has little detail, but not too much. For example; a bright colored skirt or a top with a little frill.

Add a Statement piece

There’s no need to question what a statement piece is, when you see it, you’ll know it! This item takes over your whole outfit. It is bold and is always the main attraction. Think unique fabrics like leather, lace, or velvet and colors not often seen like neon colors.

Keep in mind you can wear multiple basics and interests in each outfit. However, too much statements can be a bit too much!

Work Around One Item

A great way to put your outfit together faster is to pick one item to center your ensemble around. Usually that means picking a statement piece to work around. You can also choose your favorite sweater, jewelry, etc. and follow the formula to create a winning look.

Work Around A Color

Pick a color you like and incorporate it in your outfit. Don’t go overboard here and wear this color from head to toe! You can even add a different shade of the same color or a complimentary color in your shoe, purse, or jewelry choice.

Work Around A Pattern

You can also build an outfit around the pattern of your choice. Some people usually only wear one bold pattern at a time, but you don’t have to. When wearing multiple patterns, make sure they have a unifying theme. For example: similar prints of different colors, different prints of same color or even same prints.

Work Around A Seasonal Piece

You often have to change or add to an outfit based on the weather where you live. In summers you can opt for anything ranging from dresses to shirts and If it’s cold, you can build around a neutral or patterned sweater. The same applies for colors and patterns. For example, we tend to wear darker shades of purple, brown, yellow, and red in the Fall. Also, prints like floral and Polk-a-dots in the Summer and Spring.

However, this is just an idea to pick a season, color, or pattern to build an outfit around. You do not have to stick to a certain season to wear a certain color or print.

Look for Outfit Ideas

Sometimes you’re not quite sure what you like or what trends are out there. Even I’m always looking at what people are wearing or browsing the internet for fashion inspo. Subscribing to magazines or looking on Pinterest are great ways to get inspired when you literally have zero ideas.

You don’t have to go out and buy new things based on an outfit you saw in a magazine, Instagram, or Pinterest. Go through your wardrobe and see how you can recreate a look you love.

Then follow the formula for a quick and easy template anytime you need to get dressed!

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