In a shocking incident, a young bride in her early 20s, collapsed during the garland exchange ceremony on the stage and died, apparently due to a cardiac arrest.

The incident took place in Bhadwana village of Malihabad on the outskirts of Lucknow on Saturday, police said.

Malihabad Station House Officer (SHO), Subhas Chandra Saroj, said they came to know about the incident through social media and later a team was sent to the village for enquiry.

“According to information, wedding of Shivangi, daughter of Rajpal of Bhadwana village with Vivek was taking place. The bride reached the stage and garlanded the groom. Seconds later, she collapsed on stage leading to panic among guests,” the SHO added.

Shivangi was rushed to the community health centre from where she was referred to the Trauma Centre but she died on the way.

In another incident, a bride got angry and called off her wedding just because the groom kissed her on stage in front of nearly 300 guests.

Reports said, the groom kissed her right after the couple exchanged garlands. This infuriated the bride so much that she immediately walked off from the dais and later called the police.

The 23-year-old bride, a graduate, said the groom kissed her to win a bet with his friends, and now she is “doubtful about his character”.

Both the parties were taken to the police station where the bride alleged that the groom touched her inappropriately but she initially ignored it.

“When he kissed me, I felt insulted. He did not care about my self-respect and misbehaved in front of several guests,” she alleged.

Police tried to mediate, but the bride refused to relent after which the wedding was called off and the guests returned home.