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World COPD Day: Here’s everything you need to know about the chronic lung disease

Every year, on 18 November, COPD day is celebrated.


COPD is a lung disease which stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in medical terminology .

If one has to understand this complicated terminology , one needs to know that is a basic lung disease which can cause breathlessness, thus making it hard to breathe for the person suffering from this. It is chronic bronchitis , that involves a  long term cough with mucus .


MILD- Airflow gets somewhat limited , that does not gets much attention.

MODERATE – Airflow starts to get worse in this.

SEVERE –   Quality of life gets affected , experiences shortness of breath .

VERY SEVERE –         Airflow gets extremely limited, more regular and intense and affects the quality of life.



40%-70%  people are expected to live their lives even after 5 years of expectancy .


Its symptoms may include :

Increasing breathlessness, after exercising or waking up in the morning .

More frequent chest infections and problems .

Wheezing ,can be one of its symptoms  .

Fatigue, depression and anxiety .


It must be noted that its symptoms may not be noticeable in some patients until they reach their late 40s or 50s . It sometimes develops slowly and may get worse with time and are expected to have noticeable symptoms in winter season .


This can be controlled with proper treatment , medical supervision , medicines and precautionary measures . Though, there is currently no cure for it.

Precautionary measures may include :

Inhale clean – fresh  air.

Try avoid going to places that have traffic or  where pollution levels are high .

Stop smoking and being around someone who smokes .

Use inhalers when required , only after  consulting a doctor .

Treatment may include tablets ,oxygen therapy , even surgery or lung transplant .

Different programmes are there which the  patient have to attend and follow to keep their problem controlled like exercising , following a diet chart , preparing  them and their families mentally and emotionally .



Feeling sick , headaches , insomnia, irregular heartbeats , diarrhea  , weight gain , mood swings or even osteoporosis .

But ignoring its symptoms may make your condition worse .

Every year , on this day , a theme is being associated . this year’s theme is – “LIVING WELL WITH COPD” .

With proper treatment and awareness ,  one can fight any disease .

.                                              HIYA ANEJA , Lifestyle Content Creator .

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