Woman kills lover with husband’s help

The Karnataka Police arrested a couple and their friend for allegedly killing a man and dumping his body near the NICE Road in Bengaluru.

The victim was identified as Nibashish Paul, 32, a native of Assam who worked in Bengaluru. The accused have been identified as Reena, 29, her husband Gangesh, 32, and his friend Bijoy Kumar, 28. Paul had an extra-marital relationship with Reena and was hacked to death on January 3 after he allegedly forced her to take up sex work, the police said.

Gangesh and Reena are Uttar Pradesh natives living in Bengaluru for many years, the police said. Ganesh worked as a painter and Reena in a garment factory. They have four children, the police added.

According to Electronic City police sources, Gangesh, an alcohol addict, was not coming home every day. Meanwhile, Reena developed an extramarital relationship with Paul. When Gangesh had gone to Uttar Pradesh for work, Reena shifted to Paul’s house. But after a few days, Paul started torturing her for money and forced her to do sex work to make money.

Reena informed Gangesh about her ordeal and they decided to kill Paul. On January 2, Gangesh went to the house where Reena and Paul stayed. They poisoned Paul’s food and after he consumed it, they strangulated him to death using a wire.

Gangesh called his friend Bijoy over the phone stating his child was unwell. Bijoy was shocked to see Paul’s body when he arrived at the place. Though Bijoy refused to be part of the plan, the couple pleaded with him and he agreed. Gangesh and Bijoy took Paul’s body on a Pulsar bike for around 6 km to dump it near the NICE Road, the police said.