With the increase in heat, the situation of the drinking water crisis has started in various areas of Jammu city. As summer is increasing, the drinking water crisis has started increasing in different areas of the city. There is a drinking water crisis in areas like Chhani Himmat, Sainik Colony, Satwari, New Plot, Upper Roopnagar, Digiana, Krishnanagar, etc. There are many areas in the city where earlier water was supplied in the morning and evening. Now only one supply is being done in these areas. Meanwhile, power cuts have also increased, affecting the water supply.

The maximum temperature of Jammu had reached 37.8 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. The condition was that it was difficult to get out in the sun during the day. In such a situation, the shortage of drinking water caused a lot of trouble for the people. According to the information, in some areas, the condition is that water is coming on the second or third day, that too for only half an hour. In such a situation, people have to be courteous with water. Since morning people are bringing water coolers installed in the parks and drinking water from the surrounding localities, people say that the government talks about providing water from the tap in every house, but the Jalshakti Department has reduced the supply of drinking water. People already have tap connections in their homes in the city, but now the department cannot meet the water demand. Complaints of water shortage have also started coming to the office of the Jal Shakti Department, but so far, no step has been taken in this direction.

Sudesh Kumar, a resident of Satwari, says that the water supply in his area has been badly affected by the increasing heat. In such a situation, the locality people have to bring water from other areas. As a result, the shortage of drinking water has increased in the last few years. A major reason for this is also the dilapidated water pipes. This wastes a lot of water. Therefore, the department should replace the old water pipe as soon as possible.

Ritesh of Sainik Colony said that people in this area had faced a drinking water crisis during the summer season for many years. This area is high, so there is a normal water supply in the lower areas, but the water does not come properly in the higher areas. People have to buy a water tanker by paying money in such a situation. Similarly, Janvi of New Plot said that the supply of water in New Plot has also been affected due to the increase in heat. The condition is that water comes into the houses only on the third or fourth day.

Amish Mahajan