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Winter Special yummy sweet dishes

We all love winters because of the warm and cosy feeling , right ?

Not only this , but the food , especially the desserts that comes and tastes best during winters is another reason  to fall in love with this season .You  can have a lot of food which are specially made for this winter  season .

So,  here’s a list of all the yummy desserts  that you can eat without feeling guilty .

Gajarkahalwa – 

This one is  definitely your go to dessert during winters . Prepared with ghee, sugar ,khoya ,carrots and a lots of nuts , this dessert is purely a party in the mouth .


Gond KaLadoo is made out of edible gum extracted from tree barks. This is one such dessert that you can eat throughout the year but can use its special nutritional powers to beat the chills of winter. The Ladoo can keep you warm since it is said to be super heaty, thus heating your insides. Once prepared, it can be kept for quite a long time, sometimes even for months.


Lapsiis a breakfast sweet consumed especially in Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan. There are certain variants of lapsi available in different parts of the country. A generous amount of ghee, dry fruits, broken wheat, and raisins are put into the dish. It is a great breakfast delicacy to keep warm throughout the day.


Panjiri is a delicious wheat mixture of ghee, sugar, and lots of almonds. You can keep eating it without realising the amount you’ve gorged on. The goodness of ghee and nuts will keep you fit and glowing during the winters, so why just stop at one serve warm .

So, what are you waiting for . Indulge in your favourite dessert and tell us about it in the comment section.


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