The two newly opened wine shops at Sarwal Morh, New Plot, create traffic chaos on the busy Amphalla-Janipur Road.

In peak hours, huge traffic jam is usually witnessed on this busy and congested RoadRoad, but the two newly opened wine shops at Sarwal Morh (New Plot) has added to motorists’ woes by bringing traffic to a halt on the Amphalla-Tali Morh stretch of the RoadRoad.

Specifically, these wine shops swarmed with buyers who parked their vehicles on roads during evening hours, subjecting commuters to severe road stress. As a result, heavy traffic jams have become a daily affair at this stretch of the RoadRoad during peak hours. Throngs at wine shops dotting the stretch only worsen the situation.

“There is no parking space near these wine shops. All the vehicles are parked on the RoadRoad, leading to narrowing of the space,” said Vijay Kumar (a motorist). This has become a daily affair, but the traffic police department has shut its eyes. They remain active in the day, but they are found nowhere in the evening when the traffic increases.

Vishal Sharma, another commuter, said that the issue was highlighted even on social media platforms and brought to the notice of the Police Department, but the Police took no step to regulate the traffic. Moreover, he wondered how the Excise Department had permitted two wine shops in the same area on the main RoadRoad.

“As there is no wine shop in this area from Amphalla to Bantalab except these two at Newplot, a huge rush of buyers is witnessed in these wine shops in the evening. With no parking place nearby and no presence of Police outside these shops, the wine buyers parked their vehicles on the RoadRoad, leading to traffic snarls,” said Sandeep Singh, a motorist stuck in the traffic jam.