J&K BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi criticized an alleged attempt to grab the land of Shri Panchbakhtar Mahadev Mandir, the oldest temple of Jammu city, by certain elements having vested interests, seeking legal action against them.

Briefing media persons here today, Sethi, flanked by Dr Pardeep Mahotra, J&K BJP Media Secretary and Omi Khajuria, State President Kissan Morcha, said there are some anti-social elements in connivance with some people in administration have made a deliberate attempt to build a parking lot on the land of Panchbakhtar Mandir, dedicated to God Shiva. He said such act has hurt the sentiments of Hindu community by inviting bids to construct a parking lot on the land of a temple.

Sethi said that Jammu is known as the City of Temple and the Panchbakhtar Mandir is not only one of an oldest places of worship but adored with rich and rare Dogra heritage of immense value. Religious Shrines constitute rich wealth of our cultural heritage and we should not politicize such issues so that our century old-communal harmony and brotherhood will be maintained at all costs.

Sethi said that the Party has also showed its serious concern over the aforesaid issue and immediately took up the matter with National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (NHIDCL), which had floated the tenders of multi-level car project. The organization has forced NHIDCL to cancel the aforesaid tender, adding that BJP stands with devotees of Panchbakhtar Mandir and will never allow anyone to play with the sentiments of a Hindu community.  “NHIDCL in its letter issued to the Vice Chairman JDA has cancelled the tender of multi-level car project due to the ongoing dispute,” Sethi said while quoting a letter issued by the NHIDCL.

The senior BJP leader said that some leaders of political parties who are indulging in rumour mongering to spread hatred among different communities just to satiate its own vested interest. To safeguard the interest of the temples, Sethi urged the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to hold an impartial inquiry into the entire case that how the tenders have been floated without following necessary guidelines and clearance of NOCs from various government departments and take strict against the culprits who are involved in the encroachment of temple land.