A woman was arrested for reportedly strangling her husband with a scarf after a heated quarrel over ants in the rice at supper in Odisha’s Sundargarh district, a National newspaper reported.
The police action was in response to a complaint filed by father-in-law Sashi Bhusan Bagh.
Hemanta Bagh (35) was a trucker who shared a home with his wife Sarita, daughter Hemalata (7), and son Soumya (4). According to the FIR, Hemanta sat down to dinner and was served rice by Sarita. He discovered ants in the rice, and when he demanded an explanation, they got into an altercation, and she murdered him in a fit of wrath.
The police have registered a case against the wife and an investigation is underway.
Meanwhile, in another shocking crime in northern Uttar Pradesh state, a man has been arrested for chopping his wife into pieces, bringing to life the gruesome parallels with the Shraddha murder case.
According to the killer husband in this case, his wife was addicted to drugs and she left him to stay with different people to satisfy her addiction. This disturbed him as he could not tolerate her sleeping with other men.
As per him, after all his efforts to check her alleged promiscuity failed, he decided to get rid of her,” confessed Pankaj Maurya, the husband
Maurya has been arrested for brutally killing his wife Jyoti, alias Sneha, in Sitapur of Uttar Pradesh state.
In India, no specific data on how many spouses have killed each other in India annually on average. However, most such marital murders happen over either extramarital affairs or petty domestic disputes over a long time.