“We have spent our new year on roads”: ReK Teachers

Jammu:  Scores of Rehbar-e-Khel teachers today continued their protest for the consecutive 26th day under the banner of Jammu and Kashmir Rehbar -e-Khel Teachers Association in Jammu.

The protestors were raising slogans like ‘We want justice, Khel Khel Rehbar-e-Khel, Five years & Five years’, in their agitation for their demands.

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“I just want to say that we have been protesting from 26 days. Yesterday, a meeting was held for our issues but its outcome wasn’t satisfactory for us”, a protestor told the media.

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“We will not stop our protest until the govt doesn’t reduces our probation period from 7 to 5yrs”, she added.

“This is our 26th day of protest. We have spend our new year on roads and seven years of probation is more than enough for us”, another protestor said.

He further said that reduction of seven years  probation period is their legitimate demand from the govt.

“All ReK teachers have high hopes from local govt, but nothing has been done for our demands on ground level. We request LG sir to reduce our  probation period to five years” a protestor said.

He added that the ReK teachers probation period should be reduced just like probation periods of other govt departments.