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“We don’t lack facilities, we’re ready for COVID-19 challenges.” Anuradha Gupta, DC Samba



DC Samba

DC (Deputy Commissioner) Samba Anuradha Gupta had an exclusive interview with JK Media executive Rishi Khajuria. In the interview she talked about the current COVID situations in Samba and her plan of action to tackle them.


Q. District Hospital Samba has been assigned as a COVID Hospital and many are pointing fingers at the management. What would you like to say?

The current Covid situation is very challenging. Whenever a new challenge comes up, we try to solve it round the clock. Many Media channels played the news about lack of management at District Hospital Samba but let me tell you, there’s been no lack of facilities from our side. Our patients at Ramgarh and the other Hospitals have been treated well. We were prepared for all this.

At present District Hospital Samba and Hospital at Ramgarh and Ghagwal are our Covid Government Hospitals and we have repositioned our Private and Central Government Hospital too. I personally visit the District Hospital to keep a check on the patients, their attendants and the Paramedical staff. Our team and avenue Department is working on ground level.

Since it’s not possible to meet all the Doctors so I conducted a zoom meeting this morning with them and discussed all the issues faced by the staff. We have arranged eating facilities for the patients, attendants and the Healthcare staff. Also, I would like to thank the Industries Association President of Samba and Bari Brahamana to provide us with essentials like water cooler and Air conditioner through CSR.

We have a control room in the Hospital. We approached the attendants and asked about their issues. Most of them didn’t have any while some complained about the shortage of injections. See, the Doctors follow the treatment protocols in the Hospital. I admit some patients were told to arrange injections on their own yesterday but now that they are available, the Hospital will provide them to the patients needing it.

We recently circulated a whatsapp number to so that people initiating help could reach out to us. We are happy that many NGOs and individuals have come up. We’ll try to make the best use of these resources and work with transparency.

Q. An oxygen plant with a capacity of 1000 LPM that could cater 100 beds was supposed to be installed. However, due to insufficient space only 50 pipelines could be installed. The cases are increasing and beds are fully occupied. How will you tackle this?

A patient requiring oxygen is supplied the gas through 2 ways – oxygen pipeline or oxygen cylinder. The basic plan of this oxygen plant was to connect to 50 beds with 70 points. But we are constantly trying to connect it to 100 beds. Since the Hospital is limited to 100 beds, we can cater 50 patients with the oxygen plant and the remaining 50 with the cylinder.

Other than that, as you know a building inside the District Hospital campus is under construction. Though it still needs some equipments to get completed, we are trying to somehow arrange 50-60 oxygen beds there so that we can accommodate more patients. Rest, our team works on small issues that come up on daily basis.

Q. Kristu Jyoti, a non-covid Hospital repositioned by you was charging fees for OPD. We got many calls about the confirmation whether the patients are still getting charged. Did you take any action on that?

I have called for an enquiry about the matter but haven’t received the report yet. On preliminary I can tell you that the Kristu Jyoti Hospital was repositioned by us but we clearly mentioned that it could carry its routine operations unless we start our operations there. They charged their normal routine fees which some people thought was wrong.

After this incident, all the Hospitals whether repositioned or not have been instructed to display a rate chart of their operations and the CMO has been assigned to check in case over charging is being practiced. For non-covid Hospitals, we have an adequate plan for free OPD and emergency surgeries.

For any case related problems people can contact our control room. We have 2 landline numbers displayed almost everywhere. We have a separate contact number for daily medicine and a whatsapp number too. I hope everyone supports us and we get through this soon.

Q. How is your co-operation with the Police Department as we can see people not following covid protocols. 144 CRPC, Disaster Management and 2nd section of Epidemic Disease Act – Do you take any action under these sections?

We practice 2 kinds of enforcement these days. First is creating awareness through IEC activities and second is imposing fine for which Police and Avenue officers have been assigned. Currently we are imposing around 18,000-20,000 fine on daily basis.

I received information about chaos in Thandi Khui and some market places in Samba. I’ve instructed to tie a rope and draw circles outside those shops. Since limited time is given for essential services, people create chaos. But I feel such things shouldn’t happen because people are mature enough to understand the situations. We have a good understanding with the Police Department and I feel together we can handle it.

Q. Testing is important these days. More the testing, more identification of covid positive patients. On what level are you conducting covid testing?

We are stressing over testing and vaccination these days. Currently we are testing 1000 people per day and target to 2000. Yesterday we tested 1200-1300 people and slowly will increase the limit. Similarly, almost 90% of people above 45+ years of age have been vaccinated which is a good score.

2 days back Divisional Commissioner instructed about house to house verification of exercise. Since morning our teams comprising of Revenue, Health, BLO and Police Department members perform this activity. Through Swasthya Nidhi app we get to know if any family member gets missed. Any non-registered household can inform us through the Control centre.

Q. Do you admit that the second wave of covid-19 is a big challenge for us?

Yes I admit it. This is a challenge for all of us. But I think the job would be easy if people help us. Follow all the precautionary measures, get vaccinated and please get tested. Many people don’t get tested. They have symptoms but ignore them. Some hide their reports but it’s not a matter to hide.

Some people have small houses due to which isolation becomes difficult. For that we have isolation facilities. For any queries people can contact our control room. Hopefully this Swasthya Nidhi app will help us in testing people and we’ll get through these tough times.


Muskan Langoo, Content writer, JK Media


‘I wish Ravinder Raina to be the next PM of India’: Surinder Choudhary




Former MLC Surinder Choudhary had an exclusive interview with JK Channel executive Mohinderjeet Singh. While some parties are happy with the upcoming All Party Meeting on 24th June, many have shown resentment for not getting invited.

Q. Choudhary Ji, you left your party for the public. How do you see this meeting?

I would like to congratulate Governor Sir Manoj Sinha ji who have good taken steps for Jammu and Kashmir UT. When he was new here, he met many leaders and worked on the feedback he got from us. We told him about the ‘Babu rule’ going on in J&K and finally the day has come when Delhi has called for a meeting to talk about issues.

However, I feel upset seeing the Gupkar Alliance people have also been invited. They have cleared their agenda for the meeting. They will raise the same issues about what they have spoken several times. Jammu people have often sacrificed for the Country’s welfare.

Now when the meeting arrived, BJP’s so called ‘Gupkar gang’ has been invited keeping all the Jammu parties aside. BJP has stood against it’s own words. BJP leaders have been unable to stand for Jammu’s voice. They couldn’t make make issues reach to Delhi. Ravinder Raina should remember that if people can make someone win, they can make him lose too.

Q. It’s an important day and Jammu’s issues can be solved. What do you think?

People living near border areas of Jammu comparatively have a higher number of issues, then come Western Pakistan refugees, Gujjar Bakarwal people but no representatives are in the meeting. BJP told to solve Jammu problems, vanish the discrimination, bring tourism funds and development when they came in power in 2014 but can we see them? No!

Centre couldn’t invite Jammu leaders for the meeting, how will they provide the region it’s equal right? Employment for the youth? I belong to a border constituency and I understand what happens to them during war conditions. Was BJP able to take their care in the last 7 years? Again No!

The Medical conditions in Jammu became worse when Covid-19 was on peak. In fact, the Government banned Media from entering Government Medical College. Why does the Administration do that? When it has to hide scams. The pressure and allegations were on the Hospital Administration so they took this step. LG Sir visited the Hospital and then there was a little improvement.

BJP said to take back POK. I tell you it didn’t even try for it. Just one ceasefire after 7 years that resulted in nothing. Ravinder Raina ji is attending meeting himself. This time it isn’t the matter of State or article 370 but the promises that were made with the people of Jammu region.

Water sports activities and tourism spots were promised in Jammu but what we got is just Toll Plazas! BJP said there would be no Darbar move, still Secretariat shifts every 6 months. Ignore villages for now, even cities have long power cuts. They are struggling for water. So many people were promised for pacca houses. They are still living in mud houses.

Raina is like my brother. I wish him to be the next PM of our country (smiles). But my words are just a reminder to him to raise these issue when he sits in the meeting. It’s not a terrorism case and one night you sit and end everything. It’s a political process and let it begin in the region.

Q. Is this message for only Raina Sir or everyone?

My message is for each and every person going for the meeting. The public of Jammu is mature enough to see what’s happening around. Whatever comes from Delhi should reach Jammu first and then go to Kashmir (laughs). And this not only involves Hindus but people of all religions and all the cities and villages of Jammu region.

We want a different state and security of our lands and jobs. Raina Sir already talked about this in Parliament. We heard ‘Har har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi’ but now we can only hear about wine shops these days. People are standing against the decision, our youth is getting involved in drinking and drugs. This is harmful for the upcoming generation. Also, the contractors are from outside. Same is for Jal Shakti. What benefit for J&K locals has been given after abolition of article 370? Again nothing! So the Government needs to think about all this.

I request Bar Association, Jammu’s Chamber and Jammu’s civil society to keep their egos aside and form an Alliance. If Kashmir leaders can do it why can’t we? Come up and become the voice of Jammu.

Q. Last question, Mehbooba Mufti once again remembers Pakistan. Your thoughts on that?

Talking about Mehbooba Mufti’s statement, it’s not something new. She’s always spoken about Pakistan. As I told Gupkar Alliance has an agenda and they have a hold on that. But to remember, article 370 will never be back again. So we need to keep Jammu’s rights in mind for now.

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3 lakh rupees theft from a car in Jammu




A theft case was reported from a car with vehicle number PB10DH0969 from Satwari area of Jammu. The owner of the car confirmed the robbery of Rs. 3 lakhs.

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“Usually I park my car inside my house. That day I just left it for 10 minutes. I went on my scooty for sometime and while returning I found my car and the cash amount missing.” Dheeraj, the car owner said

The incident has been recorded in the CCTV camera near the parking. The Police has taken over the case and investigation is under process.

“The theft cases have increase in Jammu a lot especially after becoming an UT. It’s become easier for thieves to take away things. 3 lakh isn’t a small amount. It was my hard work. The Police is investigating the matter. Hopefully the culprit will be caught soon.” He said

Muskan Langoo, Content writer, JK Media

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‘Injustice with us again’: Kashmiri Hindu Pandit Samaj on no invitation in the meeting




All Party Meeting that is getting conducted today has made some political parties happy with the invitation while on the other side has caused resentment among other people.

Kashmiri Pandit Hindu Samaj while talking to JK Media said that their representative in the meeting was a must. According to them, Government has hardly done anything for the Kashmiri Pandits community and now ignoring them during the meeting is another injustice.

“Modi Ji’s Government has made us see this day when our emotions are hurt and we see the same strategy that’s going on since last 32 years. It was an opportunity for Nationalist Forces to raise voices for their community.” said a Kashmiri Pandit

“I don’t think it’s a good decision to arrange a meeting for J&K’s reorganisation without taking opinions from Kashmiri Pandits who are a major part of the UT.” another added

Kashmiri Pandits further added that nothing after abolition of article 370 has changed. They said that Kashmir parties that forced them to leave their Motherland cannot represent them in Delhi.

“No one can feel or express the pain of Kashmiri Pandits who were exiled from their hometown and are still longing to return back. At least one representative of 5 lakh Pandits should’ve been invited.” they said

Muskan Langoo, Content writer, JK Media

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