The Salal Power Station authorities sounded alert and asked the general public to stay cautious as the water level can increase between the months of July to October.
“Water level likely to rise in the River Chenab at upstream and downstream of Salal Dam during monsoon due to onset of monsoon the river discharge will be high and variable, thereby the water level in the River can increase or decrease at any point of time during months of July to October,” an official communiqué issued by the Salal authorities here said.
It further added that the general public has been cautioned by Salal Power Station that during this period, all the residents living along the river bank should not go inside the river and also do not allow their cattle/animals to go into the riverbed and no person should try to cross the river. With this precaution, the life and property of the general public will remain protected.
“It has also been informed that in this context, Salal Power Station Management or NHPC Limited shall not be held responsible for any kind of loss of life and property,” it read.