The drinking water supply is already affected due to the power crisis. Regular water is not available in the localities. But the water crisis is going to deepen in the coming days. Because the temporary workers of the Jalshakti department are preparing to leave work and go on strike, this will further deepen the drinking water crisis.

The personnel of the Jal Shakti Department are now engaged in holding meetings at the block level to prepare their next strategy. In these meetings so far, the opinion is that the temporary workers should leave the work, go on strike, and stop the water supply completely. Hoshiar Singh, a senior member of PHE Employees United Front, says that we are reviewing the program of the Union Home Minister to visit Jammu. Two days before his arrival, we will strike by shutting off the water.

He said that they do not want to stop the water supply, but the government is also playing with the future of these workers. Young water workers have been there for 20-20 years, but the government has no policy regarding their regularization. The government does not care for the daily wage workers. Why are these people not being heard? The employees said that the government is not taking their problems seriously. This is the reason why they are compelled to take this step.

At the same time, the PHE Employees United Front asked the government to show seriousness to the daily wage workers, and a policy should be made to regularize these workers at the earliest. Otherwise, we will be forced to block the national highway. At the same time, the association demanded that the salary pending for months be released to the daily wage workers. The workers need money, but the government is not releasing the last salary arrears.

Amish Mahajan