Unidentified men attempts to kidnap 11-year-old  near school in Jammu


Jammu: In a freak incident, unidentified men attempted to kidnap an 11yr old when he was on his way to school in the Jammu city, today.

According to the report, some unidentified men made the victim unconscious outside his school’s street and was taking him away in a van.

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“I was at my shop when my wife came to me weeping and informed me that someone has abducted our son and he is now at TalabTillo”, Victim’s father said.

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“I dropped my son near the school’s street and not inside it. He has told us some people took him to TalabTillo, we have told the incident to police”, he added.

“Our daughter was unwell and I was looking after her in the house and at around 9:20am I received a call and a Sikh man told me to come and take your son as he is with him”, Mother of the kidnapped boy said.

“I asked him to put my son on the call, he told me that someone tried to made him unconscious and was abducting him, but a Sikh man took the boy in his custody and returned our son”, she added.

“I felt relieved when I met with my son”, she said.