Regrettably, it took the Supreme Court three years to consider listing the pleas challenging the abrogation of Article 370, PDP president and former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said on Tuesday.

“You won’t find a day when no new law isn’t being introduced in J&K, and this is being done to disempower people of J&K,” she told reporters in Kanelwan Bijbehara.

She alleged that land and other resources were åbeing looted.

“We are hopeful that the Supreme Court of India will cancel all new laws brought here after 2019 and maintain the status quo on the position of J&K that was before 2019,” she said.

She said that the foundation of India was laid on secularism, but unfortunately, the largest minority community of India – Muslims are being bulldozed, Mufti said.

“J&K had extended its hand to a secular India expecting Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians to live together, but nothing of that is happening. In contrast, houses are bulldozed, their livelihood is being snatched, booked and kept in jails, and no law is here in the country,” she said.

She said that every claim of development is a hoax on the ground as BJP wants to disempower the people of J&K, snatch their rights, and make them poor so that they will bow before the centre. But, Kashmiri people will never succumb, and this won’t work for a long time.

J&K is providing electricity to entire India, but Kashmir is facing power outages in the holy month of Ramadan, she said, adding that people who stopped her on the way are facing problems due to power and water crisis