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Treat PRC as domicile certificates: Partap

 A political activist Partap Singh Jamwal on Wednesday asked to the government to treat the Permanent Resident Certificate (PRCs) as domicile certificates for jobs, college admissions to avoid unnecessary hassle to the residents of J&K.

He stated that it is most unfortunate to mingle new registration with domicile status to JK as well as to obtain domicile certificate by already State Subject Certificate (PRC) holders and registered which is totally an exercise in futility.  He said why should J&K residents who were already having duly issued PRC certificates be asked to line up to get the domicile certificates to become eligible for jobs, Addmission in colleges or other rights. this is totally unjust, unreasonable and arbitrary.

He said that government can avoid this inconvenience and lot of hardships by one line order – treating PRCs as domicile certificates. It would save lot of hardships and avoidable expenditure to poor people.

Partap further urged the Government for exempting PRC holders in J&K from obtaining new Domicile Certificates for welfare of J&K residents besides saving Government exchequer, public money and also manpower.

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