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TIPS To Buy The Best Pair Of Jeans And Care For Them

It is true that the right pair of blue jeans can make you look and feel great in seconds, but it’s not easy to master one of the world’s best wardrobe classics. Also, in 2021, it only makes sense to make every purchase count. Conscious decisions about the size, fit, cut and care can defintely help in stretching the life of a new pair, and increase the chances of rewearing. Here is a handy checklist of what you should and shouldn’t be doing while buying the pair whether you’re shopping online or in-store and don’t worry I will be telling you some easy ways to fix them.

1. Never ignore the hem

As a general rule of thumb skinny jeans should hit at the top of the ankle, straight-leg jeans look best when they fall just below it, and boot cut denims should fall nearly above the ground to accommodate the flare. For most people, it’s easier to go for long-ish length that can be easily nipped and tucked where required. I always go for long lengths so that I can customize them according to my height.

2. Buy jeans without checking the fabric

If you can, check the material composition of your all-time favourite pair of jeans before you go shopping. For instance, having at least three per cent lycra or spandex helps skinny jeans retain their shape. The higher the cotton content in composition, the more likely they will be to shrink with each wash.

3. Don’t shop jeans only from the sales section

Yes, you shouldn’t be doing that and compromising on fit. While there’s nothing wrong with shopping from the on-sale section, never settle on purchasing a pair with an almost-right fit, or simply because they’re cheap. Denims are something you can wear most often from your wardrobe, and make the base for any standout pieces. If you’re having second thoughts about investing, consider its cost-per-wear. You will automatically know that if it is worth spending money on or not.

4. Don’t forget that denim stretches and buy an uncomfortable a Pair

Always think about the comfort along with the style. Don’t buy jeans you can barely button, but also remember that the denim takes a few hours to take the shape of your body, and will soften around your frame with time. Bonus tip: Move around while trying on a new pair. Don’t just stand in front of the mirror—sit, squat, jump around. Can the jeans keep up? If moving and sitting is uncomfortable around the waist, then skip that pair and keep looking.

5. Check the care instructions

The aftercare of your denim is just as important as your initial choice. Denim is a fabric that gets better with age, and frequent or  inappropriate washing can damage its look and lifecycle. Spending money on a pair and not taking care of it is just not right, so always pay attention to the aftercare.

6. Don’t wash them too often

Denims are not meant to be washed frequently. Denim is a hard-wearing and durable fabric. Frequent Spot cleaning with a damp cloth or dry brushing is best to retain the shape and stretch as long as possible.

Bonus tip: To avoid shrinking and prevent fading, the best practice is to air-dry the jeans by hanging them inside out or laying flat.

U.s.lima, lifestyle content creator

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