Is Jammu the new hotspot for thieves now?

That’s the question many people are now asking , is Jammu’s Law & order at risk because of no active CM led government is another linked debate springing up.
Today, burglars broke in a shop in Jammu looting the day’s collection from the shop.

The incident came to the light when the shopkeeper informed the local police who arrived at the scene and launched a further probe.

Shopkeeper Pradeep told the media that this morning he received a call from a next door shopkeeper who inquired about his shop’s shutter left open. He got stunned and realized that his shop has been robbed, he later called the police.

“Yesterday I left my shop early due to some family event and in haste did not take along the day’s collection, next day I got informed by a next door shopkeeper about this incident. My hard earned money around Rs 10,000 have been stolen from my counter”, he said.

He appealed the local police to help him recover his money from the culprits.

Residents around seem to be rumoring this spike of thefts across the city seeming to have grown since abrogation of article 370, some even seem to link it the pandemic where many daily labours / migrants lost their livelihood and in the name of fending for their families have resorted to criminal activities.

Aman Zutshi