Thief snatches with woman’s purse in market in Jammu



Jammu: In a shocking inicident a thief stole woman’s purse which contained Rs 18000 at City chowk market in Jammu on Sunday.

As per report, the burglary happened when Mamta Devi (victim) was attending a langar orgainsed at the city chowk, then a thief sneaked behind her and took her purse out from her shopper.

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Mrs Mamta Devi, the victim, said, “I borrowed 18000 cash from someone as I had no money. I was at the feast spot then a thief sneaked behind me and pulled my purse from my polythene bag which had Rupees 18000 in it”.

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“I even got hold of the thief but he ran away, I also yelled for help but nobody came forward to stop the burglar”, she said.

“The burglar was wearing a black jacket. The man who organised this feast was saying that he won’t let police come here”, she added.

“I tried to catch the thief but he fled away. I went to the police station, the police at first avoided my pleas then they came with me” Mamta said.

“What is the motive of installing CCTV cameras here, if they cannot help nabbing the burglars. He stole my 18000 rupees which I borrowed from someone today”, she added.

She further said that her kid was hungry and she thought to feed him, but when she put her hand inside her shopper to take out the purse, it wasn’t there.

“I didn’t even had money left to pay matador fair to return my home”, she said.