Jammu, 17 Sept: An alleged burglar who was trying to carry out  a theft in Digiana area of Jammu  was today nabbed by the locals and then tied to a tree.

According to the report, the incident occurred when the local shopkeepers  caught a thief who was trying to steal  costly pipes from a shop based in Digiana, Jammu.

The locals have allegedly said that they were looking for this particular burglar who has become a nightmare for them cause according to them  from many days he has been stealing their merchandise worth of lacs from their stores and when today they got a chance they nabbed him.

The locals after nabbing the burglar waited the police to come so that they can handover him to them for further proceedings.

“We identified him by the CCTV footage here otherwise it would have been difficult to catch him. These thieves routinely in the morning use to come here to conduct recces and after that at dusk they use to carry robberies. He is still under the influence of drugs.” a local shopkeeper said.

Another local resident said that the local police should surveil these burglars cause they just appear anywhere and stealthily carry out thefts. He further said that this burglar came to eat a feast here in a local temple then after having it he crossed temples wall to steal things in this shop.

“I just came here to eat  and they got hold of me and also tied here with this tree. We use to sell our stolen goods to a local scrap dealer namely Guddu and for the first time I tried drugs. I haven’t done anything”, the thief said.

Aman Zutshi