Jammu, Dec 21: A thief broke-in a house yesterday situated near High court in Janipur area of Jammu, and acted dumb  when he was caught red-handed  commiting burglary by the house tenants.

As per the report, the incident came to the fore when a  thief barged in a alone house in Janipur area of Jammu and  became dumb on getting caught red-handed by one of the house tenants.

“When I came back from the office, I saw my door locks broken and suddenly a man stood behind me, who asked me to give him food as he is hungry. I was scared and asked him what he is doing here. I realised then he is a burglar, who came here for theft. I called my son and told him to come home as I have caught a burglar”, a lady tenant of the house said.

She further said that when they later asked the thief, what he has stole from our rooms he became dumb.

“I called our house owner, who came and held the burglar in his custody and we told him to keep an eye on him, till the time we bring police here. Later, police took him to police station, where at first he also acted dumb and when police punished him, he told them that he is from Batmaloo of Kashmir”, she said