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These Rules Will Change From June 1



Several rules that have a major impact in the lives of common man are going to change from June 1. These rules range from stringent bank cheques rules to EPFO-Aadhaar linking to name a few.

Since these rules are going to affect your everyday life, it is important to know more about these changes in detail.

Bank of Baroda cheque payment rules

As per Bank of Baroda notification, stringent rules of cheque payment is going kick in from June 1. Bank of Baroda has said that from June 1, the bank is going to make Positive Pay confirmation mandatory. Under this, if the payment of more than Rs 2 lakh is made through cheque, then the customer will have to confirm again. The transaction will be completed only when this process completes. Otherwise the cheque will be cancelled.

EPFO-Aadhaar link

According to the new EPFO ​​rule, every account holder should have his or her PF account linked to the Aadhaar Card. It will be the responsibility of the employer to ask the employees to verify their PF account. If by June 1, the employees fail to do so, then they may suffer several losses –one such being that the employer contribution to the PF account may also be stopped. A notification in this regard has also been released by EPFO.

Income tax’s e-tax filing site

The official e-tax filing site of the Income Tax Department will not work from June 1 to June 6 because the tax department is moving to a new modern platform. The IT department’s new website http://INCOMETAX.GOV.IN will kick start on June 7.

LPG Cylinder Price change

Oil companies are likely to change the prices of LPG cylinder from June 1, just like how they update it on the 1st of every month. However, many times the rates remain unchanged too. At present, the price of a 14.2 KG LPG cylinder, which is commonly used in our households, is Rs 809 in Delhi.

YouTube Tax

Though not applicable to all the YouTubers, however if you are an Indian YouTuber, gaining views from US audiences for your, you will be liable for a 15 percent tax on your earnings (for the said viewership) by the video making platform.

Google Photos free unlimited storage service to end

Google is ending its free unlimited cloud storage for ‘Photos’. Users will now only get a 15 GB free space to upload their photos and videos on the Google Photos platform. However, they can buy the Google One subscription which is priced at Rs 130 per month or Rs 1300 a year to continue enjoying unlimited cloud storage on Google Photos.

Costlier Air Travel

Civil Aviation Ministry on Friday (May 28) has increased the lower limit on fares of domestic air travel by 15%. The revision of rates will come into effect from June 1, according to an official order by the ministry.

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Lost your ATM card? Here is how to get it blocked




Have you lost your State Bank of India (SBI) debit card? Don’t panic! You can easily get your ATM cum Debit Card blocked through OnlineSBI.

“You can now Block your SBI ATM cum Debit Card through OnlineSBI, in case your card is lost or stolen,” SBI said.

Step 1: Log in to with your username and password.
Step 2: Select “ATM Card Services>Block ATM Card” link under the “e-Services” tab.
Step 3: Select the Account, under which you want to block your ATM cum Debit Card.
Step 4: All the Active and blocked cards will be displayed. You will be shown the first 4 and last 4 digits of the card(s).
Step 5: Select the Card and click “Submit”.  Next, verify the details and confirm.
Step 6: Select the mode of authentication as either SMS OTP or Profile Password.
Step 7: Enter the OTP password /Profile password as chosen earlier and Click “Confirm” on the next screen.
Step 8: A success message would be displayed with a Ticket No. after successful blocking of your ATM cum Debit Card. You are advised to note this Ticket No. for future reference.

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Now, get a driving licence without taking a test at the RTO




Soon, you will be able to get your driving licence without undertaking a driving test at any RTO. Seems like a dream come true? There is a catch, of course. Licences won’t be doled out indiscriminately and learners will have to undergo training at an accredited driver training centre and pass the test there.

“This entire process will be tech-driven and without any human interference. The accreditation will be given to centres that meet the criteria of space, driving track, IT and biometric system and carry out the training as per prescribed syllabus. Once the centre issues a certificate, it will reach the motor vehicle licence officer concerned,” an officer was quoted in The Times of India.

On their official Twitter handle, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) posted the salient features of accredited driver training centres. Those are:

1) The centre shall be equipped with simulators and dedicated driving test track to provide high quality training to candidates.

2) Remedial and refresher courses, as per the requirement of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, can be availed at these centres.

3) The candidates, who successfully pass the test at these centers, will be exempted from the driving test requirement at the time of applying for driving license, which is currently being taken at the Regional Transport Office (RTO). This will help the drivers in getting the driving licence after completing training from such accredited driving training centers.

4) These centers are allowed to provide industry- specific specialized training as well.

The MoRTH, also tweeted on their social media handle saying, “Shortage of skilled drivers is one of the major issues in the Indian roadways sector. A large number of road accidents occur due to lack of knowledge of road regulations.


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Big decisions by Modi government: Details Here




The GST Council on Saturday decided to slash rates of several Covid-relief items to 5% from existing 12 to 18% levels but kept the much-anticipated tax rate on vaccines unchanged at 5%.

Addressing the media, post the GST Council meeting, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the council agreed to go with the recommendations of the Group of Ministers (GoM) that was single point agenda on the council. It further agreed to stick to a 5% GST rate on the COVID-19 vaccine. There will be no change in the GST rate for vaccines, said Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

The GST Council has also decided to slash rates for Tociluzumab, Amphotericin to nil level. Besides that, the Council also gave approval to GST rate reduction for Remdesivir from 12% to 5%. The GST on ambulances has been reduced to 12%.

No GST would be levied on Amphotericin B, the antifungal drug used for black fungus treatment, Nirmala Sitharaman said following the 44th GST Council Meeting.

“GST on electric furnaces and temperature checking equipment brought down to 5% and on ambulances to 12%. These rates will be valid till September as against August end recommended by the GoM,” Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on the outcome of the 44th GST Council meeting.

The special duty cuts would be applicable till September 30, 2021.

Sitharaman said that though the GoM recommended the rate cuts till August, the council decided to keep it till September end and later decide if further extension was required.

In another major move, the GST rate on ambulances has been reduced to 12% from the previous 28%.


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