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Theft at Jammu Bus Stand

A theft case of Rs. 90,000 from a person named Angrez Singh at Jammu Bus Stand has been reported where a stranger fooled him by offering him tea mixed with some sleeping pills and looting his money. The incident took place at night while the victim along with his friend was waiting for a bus.

Angrez Singh said “Me and my friend were waiting for a bus. A stranger came and asked about the bus going to Udhampur. We had a talk and he sat with us praising each other’s support in the journey. He told that it was too cold to sit outside so we sat indoors. He first went to the washroom and it took him half an hour. Then went to get tea. He brought 3 cups for all of us. It was around 12 at night when it all happened. I had my tea and don’t remember anything after that.”

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“When I woke up I saw that my pant was opened and a huge amount of Rs. 90,000 was stolen from my pocket. This was done by him. I went to the washroom, returned and saw that no one was there, not even my friend. The stranger spoke in proper hindi. He was Bihari for sure.” He added.

Angrez said that he accepted the tea just for the sake of humanity. For a better company, he sat with the stranger but never expected to get cheated by him. He has complained about it in the Police Station and hopefully the case would be under process.

With increasing theft cases in Jammu, people need to be alert. It is advised not to keep huge amounts with oneself or at home. We must be beware of thefts, frauds and scams and not give a single chance to these elements.

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media

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