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The ultimate guide to Coffee

Calming your nerves ,distressing you or taking care of your skin needs, coffee has been the BFF of all.

First question first, what coffee is ?

A bitter drink, mostly brewed and consumed , of roasted coffee beans, is coffee . Different types of coffee beans are available in the market .

There are a lot of types of coffee available in the market , and sometimes, we don’t know the difference between then and just get confused what to order .

But , we get a wide variety to choose from, right ?

So ,here is a ultimate guide to different types of coffees

1. Dalgona : current trending and something that we all have definitely tried during this lockdown .people also got creative and made different flavours of the rich, creamy dalgona . Be it strawberry ,mango or chocolate .

Have you tried these ? Which one has been your favourite? Do tell us in the comment section .

2. Espresso: gym goers and health maniac’s favourite drink. Yeah, this is the one that we call the BLACK COFFEE .

The base for all coffee preparations, this is a barista ‘s helping hand . The timing and amount of roasted and freshly crushed coffee beans is the secret. 18gms of coffee and 30 seconds is the key to make a creamy and perfect bitter espresso . High in caffeine, this coffee type gives a sudden energy and aid in the process of fat burning

3. Latte : be it the golden one or the basic one that we all enjoy . Simple yet easy to make at home. The golden latte which is basically turmeric milk is what we all have been consuming since childhood.

4. Cuppacino: the frothy cup that sooths us is what we all love . another chocolate and coffee fusion . espresso and chocolate powder are the magical ingredients that makes a cuppacino .

5. Mocha :every coffee and chocolate lover’s dream is this coffee type . It has got four layers . A base of espresso with a dollop of steamed milk ,foam top and dusted chocolate powder . Sounds heaven ,right ?

6. Americano: famous in America, as the name suggests. This is basically a tall glass of good espresso with more hot water.

7. Flat White: the instant coffee that we usually make at our home , almost daily. Milk with a little coffee mixed in hot water. Mostly consumed in New Zealand, Australia and somewhat famous in India .

8. Filter coffee : south Indians love this . I n India, the best filter coffee is filter coffee is found in south Indian ,that too at a very low cost ,nearly 15-20 INR a cup .

Types of coffee beans

The selection of good beans and the perfect amount of roast (light,medium and dark) and crush is something that can comfort us ,anytime.

So,selection of beans is really important.

Here are some types of coffee beans available in the market and their little description of taste and benefits ,that will help you make a right choice next time you move to buy coffee beans for your self .

1. Arabica : the most commonly produced and consumed coffee beans type is this one . Nearly 60% of coffee available in the market is made from these beans.

They require particular climate and care and its trees are more easily prone to disease , so mass production is best suited for this type of coffee beans .

This tastes best with hot water . cream, more milk and drinking it cold runs its taste . It is further divided into sub categories.

2. Robusta : a robust version of arabica coffee beans . perfect for making cold coffee or the one with milk and sugar .

3. Excelsa : nearly accounts 7 % of production and consumption the world . It can be categorised as a sub variety of liberica beans because of the shape , but can be considered one in itself .

4. Liberica : it’s a rare variety in today’s age . This harder to locate coffee have a floral and fruity smell . It has smoky /woody taste – some say that it tastes latter ,some says former is its taste .

5. Green coffee : getting so much famous since the last decade , because of its properties that and weight loss ,gets a higher price in almost every market . By 2014 , Federal bodies in America were using green coffee companies for false advertisement about weight loss . This coffee bean type has been in controversies. Its extracts are made from unroasted green coffee beans .

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