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Tax imposed on school textbooks by Centre, fake or real?

Reports claiming that central government’s plan to levy a tax on school textbooks is circulating all over social media. The government issued clarification on the viral report and termed it as fake.

The clarification was provided in PIB Fact Check’s Twitter handle, which read, Claim: It is being claimed on social media that the central government has imposed tax on school books. This claim is fake. There is no tax on school textbooks.”

PIB Fact Check is a central government’s department which counters misinformation on government-related scheme and policies.

Earlier, on September 22, PIB also gave clarification on the news which stated that the central government will give an amount of Rs 11,000 to students to clear their tuition fees due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PIB said that the government has launched no such scheme and reported it as fake news.

The government has asked people to remain alert before believing any viral news as fake circulations have increased during the pandemic which can easily bluff people.


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